At Barnfields Riding Stables we provide various livery services to suit you and your horses needs.  Full, Part & DIY are our standard packages although we can adapt these to suit.

All our packages include access to full facilities such as, 2 recently refurbished floodlit outdoor menages, horse walker, a full set of jumps and small cross country course that can be used of an evening if the fields are dry.  We also offer all year round turnout with grass and mud paddocks available.

With 3 full time members of staff to look after your horse and with owners living on site you can be rest assured your horse is in safe and secure hands



Price: £140

  • 3 bales of Hay per week
  • 3 bales of Straw or 1 bale of woodchip per week
  • Mucking out
  • Basic short feed throughout the day (supplements to be supplied by you)
  • Turnout
  • Pick out of Feet
  • All rug changes
  • Watering throughout the day
  • Use of the Horse walker
  • Use of Ménage
  • All of the above will be for 7 Days a week
  • Price starts at £140
  • Grooming and Exercising are available at an extra cost
  • Discounts available for using less Hay or Straw
  • Woodchip available at extra cost
  • Finish Off skip out etc



Price: £100pw

  • 'As per Full Livery but covers 5days'




Price: £40pw

  • Stable and locker
  • Morning feed being put in (using your feed)
  • Water in the morning (if needed)
  • Takeaway of manure
  • Use of Ménage
  • Use of horse walker



  • Full Livery: £9 per day (Includes Mucking out, pick out of feet, feeding all meals (using your feed), turnout and watering etc)
  • Hay: £7 per Bale
  • Straw: £4 per bale
  • Muck out: £4
  • Grooming: £5 (using your Grooming kit)
  • Exercising: £10 (Riding or Lunging)
  • Tack cleaning: £5
  • Feeding: £1 per feed (using your feed)
  • Rugs: £1 per rug
  • Putting on of boots: £0.50p
  • Poo Picking: £2
  • Putting horse on walker: £1
  • Private use of ménage: £5
  • Evening finish off : £4.50 (inc rugging up, feeding in and watering)
  • Holding your Horse for Vet: £10